What is Behind the Uncontrollable Craving for Food?

What is Behind the Uncontrollable Craving for Food?

Often we are driven to eat by unexplained anxiety, it forces us to chew something constantly, our craving for food forces us to go to the fridge in the middle of the night when it is worth sleeping soundly, or to spend the afternoon at a buffet waiting for such tempting-looking cakes and pastries.

Why are we doing this? Where does such an uncontrollable craving for food come from? Does food really provide us with happiness that we cannot get in our daily lives?

Nervousness due to hunger or hunger from nervousness?

“When I’m nervous, I want to eat more than usual.” Of course, you have repeatedly heard this phrase from someone or you have encountered this feeling yourself. Unfortunately, such a periodic craving for food can become chronic, and the situation itself will resemble a vicious circle: when we worry about something, we eat more, but when we gain weight and see how our body has changed, we feel even worse.

However, most people do not even think about changing their lifestyle, and therefore continue to consume excessive amounts of food.

What is the reason for such an uncontrollable craving for food?

It can be argued that the uncontrollable desire to eat always hides some emotional problems, and food becomes only a tool for instant gratification. We feel the urge to eat something sweet or salty, something tasty and high in calories, hoping to satisfy our desires and enjoy the food. Treats help the body release endorphins, which in turn bring a short-term feeling of satisfaction and help to forget about their emotional problems for a while.

Sometimes appetite can be affected by problems in a relationship. Disorders of this nature are one of the main reasons for the uncontrollable craving for food. Sometimes we need to talk seriously about something with our partner, and we can not dare to talk. Sometimes we feel very unhappy in a relationship, but we can’t find the right way out of the situation… Often, instead of solving their problems, people find joy in foods.

Very often the cause of uncontrollable appetite is dissatisfaction with their appearance because many people do not like their own reflection in the mirror. This is what causes nervousness and bad mood, and as a result, we begin to get stressed, not noticing it ourselves. We think that a bag of chips will distract us from bad thoughts, caramel in your pocket will lift your spirits, and in particularly difficult cases, we hope that a night visit to the refrigerator will help us fall asleep faster.

There are times in life when we experience great stress and every day is full of worries. Imagine this situation: you take a bath, and suddenly you are attacked by a wild hunger, which can be quenched only by a piece of cake, a sandwich with jam, or delicious cookies.

Nervousness interferes in our lives suddenly, and here we are, without noticing it, we constantly start to move to relax. It’s simple – we offer our stomach foods to satisfy and calm down it.

How to control the uncontrollable craving for food?

1. Of course, you should first determine the cause of an uncontrolled appetite

Have you had a hard week at work? Problems at home or in your relationship with your partner? Do you not like something in your own appearance? Think about it: maybe now is the time to change something, gain courage, and risk-taking certain measures to become happier and love yourself? Worth a try!

2. Listen to your body

Do you really feel hungry? Ask yourself this question every time you decide to eat one more time, because, in fact, your body may not require food at all. It can signal the need to solve problems and stop fooling yourself with endless snacks and treats. In fact, often the feeling of hunger is just a figment of your imagination.

3. Breathe

Each time you start craving food, do a few breathing exercises. Take a deep breath, placing your palm on your stomach, and then exhale deeply. Repeat this exercise 5 times and try to relax.

4. Eat foods that can curb the feeling of hunger

Some foods are best for satisfying hunger and suppressing an uncontrollable appetite. They help to overcome the feeling of hunger and nervousness without harm to health. Make a note of these useful and satisfying foods:

  • Oatmeal;
  • Apples;
  • Asparagus;
  • Turkey fillet;
  • Greek yogurt without sugar;
  • Spinach;
  • Dandelion infusion;
  • Infusion of passionflower;
  • Almond.

5. Walk more often

Long walks in the fresh air are known for their therapeutic effect on the body. This will help you forget about your problems for a while, relieve nervousness, relax, and free the brain from negative thoughts. After the walk, you will be able to look at your problems from a different angle.

We assure you that this method of quenching the urge to eat is worth your attention!

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