Does Vitamin C Save You from Coronavirus?

Does Vitamin C Save You from Coronavirus?

The coronavirus COVID-19 in the world has already infected more than 2.4 million people. The disease since its inception is overgrown with myths, including regarding vitamins, which supposedly are the prevention of the virus. What is known about vitamin C and coronavirus?

So, in the United States conducted two large studies on vitamin C. Scientists called the conditions under which the use of supplements can help with coronavirus.

According to hospital doctor Valentina Goloborodko, who works at the Montefiore Medical Center (Bronx, New York), small doses of vitamin C will neither help prevent coronavirus nor alleviate the course of the disease. But large doses help save from patients, says the doctor.

In small doses, vitamin C can only help people with a deficiency. To avoid vitamin deficiency, you need to eat enough fruits. But to accumulate it in the body will not succeed, because it is excreted in the urine. To whom vitamin C can help, these are people with diabetes and kidney failure. Adequate amounts of vitamin A will help improve immunity.

But the high doses of vitamin C used in hospitals can reduce mortality in patients with sepsis, that is, with a very severe infection in general. Another study confirmed the efficacy of high doses of vitamin C intravenously in acute respiratory distress syndrome.

“Since patients experience both during coronavirus, there is reason to think that vitamin C will be effective intravenously for treating especially severe patients in intensive care,” says Valentina Goloborodko.

The doctor also said that vitamin C should be used with caution because an overdose causes side effects. The usual dose for a person is 75 mg per day, which we get with good nutrition.

But doses over 2 grams per day can lead to nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Even higher doses contribute to the formation of kidney stones.

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