Abdominal Bloating: Causes, Symptoms

Abdominal bloating: Causes, SymptomsFlatulence, or bloating of the stomach – a problem faced by virtually every person in his life. Usually this is a consequence of malnutrition, but it may also indicate more serious problems.

Why is abdominal distension?

Together with food, we absorb and air, it comes out with a snap or some other way. But with flatulence the stomach swells, sometimes there are painful sensations.

This is due to the fermentation that the products cause in the intestine. Such products are legumes, soda, beer, cabbage, sweets.

Many fermentation causes dairy products, this is called lactose intolerance. There is also a disease such as celiac disease, or intolerance to lactose. In this case, flatulence arises from the consumption of food with cereals, especially wheat products.

What diseases can cause abdominal bloating?

An incorrect diet is not the only problem that causes flatulence. He can also testify to a number of dangerous diseases. For example, enteritis, gastritis, cholecystitis, cirrhosis, pancreatitis and oncology. In addition, swelling may appear due to the presence of parasites in the intestine.

If the bloating of the stomach lasts for a long time and food changes do not help, it is best to consult a doctor.

How to deal with bloating of the stomach

Usually, bloating can be prevented by combining products correctly and consuming not too many products that cause fermentation. At home, sorbitol preparations or special preparations for flatulence are saved from flatulence, which can only be prescribed by a doctor.

In addition, to prevent flatulence, it is best not to talk during meals, not eat on the go and choose healthy food.

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