How to Make the Right Decision

How to Make the Right Decision There are several ways that will save you from mistakes.

Decision making is a complex mechanism and no one is immune from mistakes. We do not always know whether we really want something, or whether we make this decision under pressure. To make the right decisions – there are a couple of psychological tricks.

Two column method

This is one of the most common methods used by psychologists for decision making. You need to take a sheet of paper and draw it into two columns. In one column write the pros and cons of one solution, in another – another. Calculate where more pluses, and where more minuses. Choose on the basis of strict calculation.


Ask a “why” chain of questions for each solution. Why do you need to make such a decision, why do you need what you get as a result and so on.

This will help you brush off all the options that are actually based on desires imposed on you from the outside. Just be honest with yourself. answering these questions.

Look into the future

Imagine the most negative version of events from the adoption of a decision. Do you have an alternative pan for this case? Which option will you be able to cope with, and which one will you not? What will you do if you become sorry?

This will help you make a decision based on future consequences.

Confide in fate

Throw a coin or ask the balloon for questions. No, we do not offer you to rely on fate in decision making. Just follow your reaction: did you rejoice when the coin chose this or that solution, or secretly wanted it to fall out the other side?

Such methods help us to listen to our intuition and understand what we really want.

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