Getting to Know Yourself – What You Want in Life

Getting to Know Yourself - What You Want in LifeHow to live your life, when society and parents constantly impose your values ​​on you?

How to finally start living for yourself? It seems that this is a very banal and beaten phrase. For whom do we live then, if not for ourselves? Actually for everyone!

Since childhood we are taught to be good girls and not to upset parents, get excellent grades, go to the budget, get a job for a prestigious job, and then happily marry, giving birth to several children.

There is nothing wrong with this installation and the script. On the contrary, everybody wants the best for us. However, it happens that we do not want to.

We do not want better, we do not want to follow expectations and live so that “no one upset”.

Do you know why
Living, in order not to upset anyone, we are upsetting ourselves.

What to do to start living for yourself?

Begin to listen to not everyone but to yourself. It will be difficult and painful, but necessary. Understand at the end what you really want and what you are striving for.

Find friends who will support you, and not always poke your nose in the fact that you’re “not like that.”

Take time yourself and only yourself. But you do not need to go to the imposed SPA centers, if it is more pleasant to you (for example) in the library.

It will be difficult and painful. But you have to admit the fact that you owe no one other than yourself.

There are a lot of people around you, and you’re alone.

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