Why Won’t My Boyfriend Marry Me?

It is impossible to consider the behavioral line of a man from a woman’s point of view. Strong sex has a different motivation for action, and unlike you, the world sees it differently.
In fact, it’s not your fault that a man does not want to get married. The persistent reluctance to put on an engagement ring lies entirely in other reasons.

The girl wants to get married

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Fear of responsibility

Like any responsible person, a man clearly knows that the entire responsibility for the family will lie on him. And it’s not that you make more money.

He is not sure that he will be able to provide full-fledged care and support you when a child is born. He realizes the weight of the burden, but he is simply not ready to sleep at night because of the crying of the baby.

He is already married

He is married, and carefully conceals from you his second half. As a rule, such situations happen quite often, and only imprudence or chance can expose the loving Don Juan.

Potential bachelor

Potential bachelor

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This category includes introverts or sociopaths. Such a man will never forgo the habit of eating alone.

He wants to wake up alone, live and rest as he wants, and does not see coexistence a priori. You are just a temporary guest, and nothing more.

Not ready to marry a second time

He can hide his unsuccessful marriage. No matter how ridiculous it may sound, the soul of men is much more vulnerable and vulnerable than women.

This type of men is going through a divorce, as the most difficult test in life. He just needs more time to heal his wounds.

Unwillingness to lose freedom

This category does not accept obligations. Such a man prefers freedom. He was not used to giving an account of his actions.

He does not introduce you to his friends, does not lead to his company, avoids your parties. Be sure this man does not marry you for long.

Does not want to be limited to one woman

Other girls

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You are for him in the role of a “spare airfield”. While he is holding the ball into someone else’s gate – you will be in the reserve team. With you, he is affectionate and caring, but playing by his own rules is much more interesting to him.

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