5 Signs He Doesn’t Love You

5 Signs He Doesn’t Love You

However sad it may sound, love does not live forever. And over time, it goes away or transforms into deep friendship and affection.
When love passes, of course, the partner’s behavior changes. The best way out of the situation is a frank conversation. However, if you are afraid to talk for one reason or another (or, perhaps, he does not go to revelation) – look whether there are any “disturbing bells” in your man’s behavior.

He does not want to spend time with you

If your man does not want to spend time with you, this is an occasion to reflect. If a person loves, he wants to be around.

If he is looking for hundreds of reasons to be out of the house – perhaps the love has passed.

He does not talk about his life

When a man ceases to be frank, and your communication grows into a dialogue between friends or neighbors (or you discuss solely household matters) – this is one of the “alarming bells”.

Remember, when there is love, there is frankness and sincerity, as well as complete trust.

Many couples are afraid to recognize the fact that love has passed. They continue to live on the knurled and represent themselves as a family, but no feelings. It is much more effective to recognize that the relationship is over and allow fate to give new love, “said American psychologist  John Everton.

Does not seek to lighten your life.

A loving man does everything possible and impossible to make life easier for the woman she loves.

He will easily clean potatoes for dinner or go to the store when necessary. If a man tries to put all his duties on your shoulders, most likely, his feelings are weakened.

Does not hold back promises

When you love someone, you always do what you promised. Of course, there are people who do not know how to hold back promises, but we will not swing them.

If earlier he remembered what he said and did, and then everything changed radically – this is an occasion to reflect.

Often irritated

Frequent annoyance at your address indicates lack of respect. And without respect, there can be no love.

Of course, there are different situations, but if your man is irritated on an ongoing basis – talk to him.

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