Jerusalem Artichoke – The Tasty, Popular Veg With A Dark Secret

Jerusalem Artichoke - The Tasty, Popular Veg With A Dark SecretTuberiferous sunflower, ground pear, “sun root” – this is what people call Jerusalem artichoke, whose birthplace is North America. Scientists consider it a “food of the 21st century” because it is a completely unattractive plant, which is a sweet-tasting, club-destroying food that does not require any convenient conditions.

A big plus of Jerusalem artichoke is that it can be used as a complete product.

This is its main value – the composition in which are indicated:

• Inulin (soluble polysaccharide) – a special substance that is used in diabetes and its prevention;

• 8 proteins produced by plants only;

• vitamins b and c (more than carrots and beets);

• calcium, potassium, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, iron, zinc, mineral salts;

• proteins;


• cellulose;

• pectin.

Due to its composition, Jerusalem artichoke has a number of unique properties, namely:

• it cannot use natural metals and radioactive substances for its own purposes;

• removes any toxic constituents from the body;

• strengthens the heart and blood vessels;

• normalizes blood pressure;

• neutralizes the harmful effects of antibiotics;

• possesses natural probiotics that form the optimal microflora in the intestine;

• the supply of mucous blood improves, therefore it is widespread in cases of ulcers, gastritis, duodenitis, pancreatitis, and bloating with pains and live pains;

• activates the liver and urinary system;

• provokes an outflow of bile;

• low cholesterol;

• is the prevention of anemia;

• perform the prevention of blood clots;

• is a natural blood and intestinal cleanser;

• supports immunity, which is relevant in a given period of time;

• reduce the risk of prostate adenoma;

• contribute to the preservation of normal potency in men to old age;

• in cosmetology they are used in the form of masks, which actively fight against seborrhea and fine wrinkles;

• In dietary nutrition, Jerusalem artichoke juice is used as a sugar substitute.

Jerusalem artichoke should be consumed within reasonable limits, the principle “the more the better” does not work here. The daily portion for an adult should not exceed 2-3 tubers. Otherwise, Jerusalem artichoke can cause excessive gas formation, especially in people prone to flatulence.

And although this root crop is absolutely safe for humans, medicine knows cases of its individual intolerance. In other words, everything is good in moderation. Remember this and be healthy!

Picture Credit: Buntysmum

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