Routine Disruption: How to Change Your Habits for the Better

Routine Disruption: How to Change Your Habits for the BetterImage Credit: Free-Photos

Changes in life are given with great difficulty, most often man is guided by the force of inertia. So one day you can find yourself in a stable and boring “swamp”, plying between the house and the office with occasional breaks for vacation. Then you will want to change your life.

Many people from time to time come to change their lives. But for many it remains a fantasy. To increase your chances of meeting your need for change one day, read our recommendations.

Start with a clear intention to get out of the routine. Set yourself a certain period for which you will change your life schedule. You must clearly feel that now you do not just dream, but you want to achieve the goal.

Do not expect that one day everything will change. No one from the outside will come and pull you out of routine. Everyone is engaged in their own lives. If you are not interesting to yourself, then hardly anyone will be interested in you enough to want to fill your life with interests. Therefore, the second important step is to assume responsibility for the upcoming changes. You yourself have chosen such a life as it is now. You can make another choice.

Get infected from other people. On the one hand, one should not wait for help from outside, on the other hand it is important that there are people close to whom you can take an example. Instead of depreciating the lifestyle of your work colleague, look at how she organizes the day so that she has enough time for other things.

Change the schedule. To accommodate in your life something more than home and work, you need to clear the time for this. Unfortunately, many are now forced to work from morning to evening, often delaying after-hours and without days off. At the same time, many do not even try to beat the management more free schedule. It is possible, if you ask the goal and argue your request, the management will meet halfway. If in the place where you work, it’s impossible, maybe it’s worth changing jobs?

Delegate. To clear the time, part of the work or school chores can be delegated to other people. You can not go to study in absentia, because every day you prepare dinner for the whole family and are engaged in cleaning the apartment after work? Have your spouse or older children take on some of the household chores. This is solved, if the goal is to solve it.

Every day do something you do not like. Fill your day with some new event: move furniture, write to an old friend, register on the dating site, go to a master class on drum battle.

Ways To Live A Full Life

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If at some point something goes wrong and you return to the routine you are familiar with, do not be punished for lack of will. It is perfectly normal to succumb to inertia. This happens with the overwhelming majority of people. It is important not to go, not stopping, but, stopping and returning a few steps back, get up again and start your journey. Having done this several times, you may find that each time you “start” from a new point and you are more easily given your steps every time.

Learn the technique of small steps. Allow yourself to change your life gradually. Do not force yourself from tomorrow or from Monday to begin to live your “ideal full life.” As a rule, nothing comes out of this venture, and people are disappointed in their idea of ​​getting out of the routine. At the same time, if you start with some small changes (for example, 30 minutes a day devote to learning new foreign words), the changes will begin almost immediately. And positive changes have such a property that they immediately give a lot of energy, which motivates new changes.

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