How to Instill a Love of Sports in Your Kids

How to Instill a Love of Fitness in Your KidsChildren move little, rarely walk, spend most of their free time at home, buried in a tablet or laptop? We urgently need to correct the situation. It will help in this physical activity. How to instill a child’s love of sports, this article will tell.

How to instill in children a love of sport

Physicians are sounding the alarm – modern children often get sick and often have excess weight. And one of the reasons for the child’s incorrect development is a sedentary lifestyle. But how to make a child go in for sports, if he does not like it at all? Nevertheless, it is possible to instill a love for physical education to parents. The main thing in this is a personal positive example.

Up to a certain age, children try to copy the behavior of adults. Even adolescents, claiming with their characteristic maximalism, that they are not at all like their “ancestors”, behave as they do in their family. Therefore, parents who want to involve a child in sports should first start with themselves, that is, become more active. And it is very important not to impose love for sports (otherwise you can face resistance), and to show by your own example how great it is to be in good shape. And help in this:

-Morning work-out

You need to train yourself every morning to do at least the simplest set of exercises (parents, it also does not hurt). Call the baby, it is likely that he will gladly make a mom and dad company and will waved his arms and legs with them. To come up with classes for older children, it is recommended that they ask them to find an interesting video course on the Internet. For example, a girl can be offered aerobics classes, and her son – power sports. But in any case, do together, not letting each other be lazy.

– Reception of the pool

This is a very good idea. Swimming exercises improve the physical development of the child, contribute to strengthening his immunity, respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems, improving posture. And such classes for children are suitable even for infants. Of course, sea water is more useful for health, but you can always find a swimming pool with a good cleaning system.

-Nature hiking

It is desirable to often choose the whole family for nature – to ride a bicycle, play sports games, just take a walk in the fresh air. Going to the country or rest on the nature, it is recommended to come up with exciting activities for children in advance. To make it more fun, you can invite friends or neighbors.

-Tourist hikes

Nowadays hiking is again in vogue. Hiking with a backpack, cooking at the stake, spending the night in a tent in nature – it’s so cool! Children will have so many impressions that they will certainly want to share with friends. A favorable effect on the physical development of the child will be fresh air, hardening, the acquisition of useful skills. In addition, this kind of sport does not require large material costs, because you can travel and not far from your house.

How to choose lessons for children

Choosing a sport for children, it is very important to take into account not only their physical characteristics, but also psychological inclinations. Because some babies grow quiet and timid, and others – mobile “extremals”, in which energy hits the edge. It is very difficult for such children to sit in one place.

Therefore, group classes, which do not imply great physical exertion and desire for victory-fitness, aerobics, and dancing, are more suitable for the quiet and shy. This will help the baby to get stronger, get used to physical stress. And classes in the group will teach him to find a common language with other children.

A very active child is more suitable dynamic training, which will help him to throw out excess energy. You can choose as team sports, in which you can show their leadership qualities, and individual.

Choosing a sport for a child, it is necessary to take into account his physique. For example, high and fit kids are more suitable for athletics, basketball. Chunky children can be invited to do some kind of martial arts, but girls often prefer dancing, figure skating or gymnastics.
Recently, a new direction in sports has appeared – children’s fitness, which includes elements of gymnastics, yoga, choreography and aerobics. And you can choose a program that corresponds to the child’s physical abilities. For example, one very much likes aerobics, while others are contraindicated loads of this kind.

Unlike other sports sections, children’s fitness is suitable for almost all children. Classes are not traumatic and are conducted in a game form. And you can begin to engage in three years.

Child development: when to start exercising

The earlier to begin to accustom the baby to physical education, the better. And you do not just write it to the section, but do it in all directions, namely:

-Coiling a children’s room in a sports style

Put in a child’s Wall bars, so that the child can do when he wants. If the square meters do not allow the installation of sports equipment, you can hang in the doorway an improvised horizontal bar. In addition, a dart or a basket can be attached to the wall. And the skipping rope, dumbbells and hula-ash will certainly not take up much space in the room.

– Alternate physical activity

A child may get bored of doing the same exercises. And if they alternate, the baby will have the opportunity to choose what he likes more. In addition, loads of different kinds affect different muscle groups.

– To support the sports spirit of the child

To hurt “for ours” at school competitions, championships and olympiads. If there is such an opportunity, organize sports events and participate in them. For example, you can organize a courtyard football match or a running competition for short distances.

And still need to give things for outdoor activities – skates, ball, rollers, skateboard. Only choose a gift should be based on the interests of the child.

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