Foods That’ll Keep You Young Forever

Foods That’ll Keep You Young ForeverEven if a woman observes a healthy lifestyle, goes in for sports and fully eats, she, unfortunately, can look older than her years. However, the presence in the diet of certain foods will enrich the body with those components that will not only slow the aging process, but also rejuvenate.

Why does aging take place?

Every day we are exposed to the harmful effects of the external environment, stresses, which wear out the cells of the body. As a result, premature aging begins. Certain products can become a kind of protection against negative influence from outside.

At one time or another, the body of a woman has its own characteristics that affect its appearance. Therefore, in each specific age period, emphasis should be placed on certain foods. Obtaining the necessary substances with food will not only slow the aging of cells, but also help them to rejuvenate themselves.

Meal in 25-40 years


At this time, the woman is in an active reproductive age. Pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, the emergence of stresses caused by labor and work, can make their mark on the appearance. At this age, the appearance of the smallest almost unnoticeable wrinkles can begin. Provide excellent protection of the skin will help vitamin A. In the fruits of carrots there is its provitamin – beta-carotene, which protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. It is enough to include in the daily diet seventy to eighty grams of carrots.

You can eat carrots for food every day and in any form: cheese, grated, boiled. Carrots can be added to different dishes. To ensure that the beneficial components of the product are easily absorbed by the body, fat should be present in the diet.


As you know, by the age of 30-35, metabolism begins to slow down gradually. And the use of sweet foods is more likely to begin to affect the figure. Cinnamon, in turn, helps to absorb glucose, normalize carbohydrate metabolism, and also promotes the acceleration of metabolic processes, due to the presence of phenolic compounds in its composition. In addition, if you add cinnamon to different dishes, you can reduce the amount of sugar consumed. Eating half a tablespoon of cinnamon per day will have a beneficial effect. You can improvise and include cinnamon in the composition of certain dishes. It is perfectly combined with cottage cheese, boiled rice.

A fish

At this age, women often have problems with the course of the menstrual cycle, hormonal changes occur. To reduce the unpleasant symptomatology in this case will allow eating fatty fish. The polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in it improve microcirculatory processes. It is recommended to include in the diet about three hundred grams of fatty fish per week.

Meal in 40-50 years old


At this time in the body of a woman there are hormonal changes. The climax is approaching. In some, it begins at forty, in others at forty-five, and at third after fifty. Violation of the hormonal background is also reflected in the appearance of the woman. Decrease in the level of the main female hormone – estrogen leads to an even greater appearance of wrinkles.

In the beans, including lentils, there are phytoestrogens, which prolong youth. Lentils can be used as an independent dish, for example, in the form of porridge, and add to pies, cutlets, soups. It is advisable to eat about a hundred grams of lentils a week.

Sunflower oil

At the turn of 40-50 years, the woman’s skin becomes more dry, thin and especially vulnerable to external influences. Provide excellent protection of the skin will help vitamin E. Enriched with this vitamin sunflower oil. To achieve the desired result, it is sufficient to consume only one or two tablespoons of sunflower oil per day.
Of course, you can use for food and sesame oil, and olive, and grape. However, sunflower should be present in the diet more often. In this case, the consumption of sunflower oil along with salad will improve the assimilation of beta-carotene, which was mentioned above. It is desirable to use unrefined oil. It retains more vitamin E. Use the same sunflower oil for frying food is not worth it. When heated, it loses useful properties.

Black currant

In this period, women can already start menopause. The tolerability of tides varies from person to person. Enriched with antioxidants, black currant improves blood microcirculation and helps with hormonal fluctuations. Color black also indicates that the product contains many bioflavonoids. Blackcurrant is also the leader in the content of vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

At the age of 40-50 years, the quality of collagen – the basis of connective tissue that supports the elasticity of the skin, is reduced. And its synthesis is carried out by means of ascorbic acid. Only fifty grams of currant will cover the daily requirement of the body in ascorbic acid.

It should also be noted that in the frozen currant, useful ingredients are preserved. Therefore, the fruits can be frozen in the refrigerator and there is almost all the year round.

Food for beauty in 50 years and older

For this age, even greater changes in appearance are characteristic. Do not forget that the foodstuffs mentioned in the previous two age periods should be present in the diet. And the emphasis, accordingly, needs to be made on the following products.

Cottage cheese

When the level of estrogen and menopause drop, bones and teeth begin to suffer. Therefore, it will be appropriate to add to the diet is not very fat (up to nine percent) cottage cheese. For better assimilation of calcium, cottage cheese should be just such fat. It can, as it is in raw form, and cook casseroles, cheese cakes, etc. from it.


Previously, kelp was considered a real delicacy and was not available to everyone. It contains a lot of iodine, which is so necessary for the body, as well as calcium, potassium, a large number of different vitamins and minerals.

After fifty years in the body of a woman, a decrease in the level of estrogen occurs, which affects the condition of the muscle tissue. Muscle tone is reduced, they become flabby. To maintain them in a normal form, you need potassium. Laminaria, in turn, will be an excellent source of this element.

In addition, in these years, women sometimes have problems with the thyroid gland, which is due to hormonal changes. Therefore, before eating laminarii, you need to undergo an examination with an endocrinologist.

Laminaria can be eaten in a day, both in raw and dry form in the amount of one hundred grams.


Protein needs the body at any age. It is very important to have it in the body of a mature woman. After all, our skin really needs protein.
In addition, in women after fifty years of age, pigment changes occur in the skin. For the normal synthesis of melanin, amino acids are required, which are contained in a high-grade protein. Consumption of foods that contain high-quality protein, will stop the appearance of pigmentation on the skin.

Such a useful turkey meat can be eaten quite often. Optimum – 2-3 times a week in the amount of 100 grams. Presence in a food of this product will help to prolong youth and to slow down aging of a skin.

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