What You Need to Eat to Look and Feel Beautiful

What You Need to Eat to Look and Feel BeautifulIf you notice that the nails break and break, the skin is dry, and the hair is dull, do not rush to the cosmetic store for new care products. Try changing the daily menu first. Perhaps the body simply signals a lack of vitamins and minerals. What should be included in the beauty ration?

Most skin problems arise because of the influence of external factors that disrupt the normal operation of its cells. Protects the skin hydrolipid barrier. It also keeps moisture in the cells of the epidermis, preventing the appearance of wrinkles. The condition of the hydrolipid barrier directly depends on the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. Their deficiency leads to dryness and increased sensitivity of the skin, as well as to allergies, acne and infectious diseases of the skin – microbes and allergens are easier to get into the skin through the damaged barrier.

What to add to the menu? To maintain healthy skin, you must regularly eat fatty fish (salmon, trout, sardines, herring), avocados, nuts, olives, vegetable oil (at least 3 tablespoons a day).

Keratin is the basis of skin, hair and nails. It is a building material for all epithelial tissues. When we look at the skin, hair or nails, we see the upper stratum corneum, that is keratin scales. If they are updated on time and lie flat, the surface of the skin is smooth, the hair and nails reflect light, which means they look shiny. For the synthesis of keratin, the body needs vitamins A, C and E.

What to add to the menu? Vitamin A (retinol) is found in fish oil and liver, in butter, egg yolks, whole milk and cream. The main sources of vitamin C are citruses (oranges, lemons, grapefruits) and exotic fruits (papaya, guava, Barbados cherry), broccoli, red bell pepper, blackcurrant, etc. Vitamin E is found in vegetable oils, wheat germs, nuts and seeds.

The main enemy of a healthy complexion is a lack of iron in the body, i.e. anemia. It leads to general fatigue, pale and pale skin tone, dark circles under the eyes. By the way, tannin and caffeine, contained in tea and coffee, prevent the iron from being properly absorbed. So it is recommended to drink these refreshing drinks a couple of hours after eating.

Another important element for a bright complexion is beta-carotene. It accumulates in the skin and gives it a golden hue, similar to the color of the tan. This phenomenon is called carotenoderma. It is absolutely harmless and is considered a healthy skin reaction.

What to add to the menu? To increase the level of hemoglobin, it is recommended to eat more red meat, liver, buckwheat, apples, pomegranates and cocoa. Beta-carotene is rich in all orange and yellow vegetables (carrots, peppers, tomatoes, pumpkin), as well as spinach, broccoli and alga spirulina. It is sold in the form of dietary supplements or dry powder, which can be added, for example, in smoothies.

The role of calcium and fluoride for the prevention of dental problems is difficult to overestimate. These are the two main components for strong tooth enamel. Their shortage immediately makes itself felt – the teeth turn yellow, begin to crumble and may even fall out.

What to add to the menu? In addition to dairy products, a lot of calcium is found in figs, seaweed, white beans, cabbage, soy milk and mineral water. Fluoride is best absorbed from ordinary drinking water. Other sources include fish, rye and wheat bran, rice and oatmeal.

Fat shine of the face, enlarged pores, micro-inflammation and black spots – these skin problems can indicate an unbalanced diet. Perhaps you are too fond of sweet and fatty foods of industrial production (sausages, smoked products, etc.).

Try to eat more fresh vegetables and lean on seafood, rich in zinc. This microelement regulates the work of the sebaceous glands. Also zinc promotes healing of wounds and tissue regeneration, removes inflammatory processes.

What to add to the menu? Most of all zinc is found in oysters, slightly less in shrimp, squid, anchovies, as well as in mushrooms, bran, beef liver and beans.

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