Which Sports Aren’t Safe To Do In Pregnancy?

Which Sports Aren't Safe To Do In Pregnancy?To keep the shape and keep the body in tone, you need to go in for sports. And pregnancy is not an obstacle. Although there are some reservations.

Can I practice sports during pregnancy? Necessary! There is no specific type of sport that would be recommended to a pregnant woman, everyone should choose the one that suits her physiology and body. And here are some criteria to pay attention to.


In pregnancy, it’s best to exclude any traumatic sport, even if you have been doing them successfully before pregnancy. This martial arts, boxing, basketball, skis, skates, snowboarding, horseback riding, parachuting, roller skates.

You will have time to return to them after childbirth, you should not risk yourself at risk and during pregnancy.

High load

It is also worthwhile to exclude sports where there is a high load, intense jumps and breathing delays. This may be strength training, diving, hatha yoga, TRX, step aerobics.

Power exercises can be performed, but with lightweight dumbbells, the weight of which does not exceed 7 pounds.

Experience in sports

To choose a sport during pregnancy, it is important to focus on your physical fitness. If you are quite athletic, you can afford loads that do not erase heart and breath: running, dancing, biking, exercises.

If you’re just starting to do sports, it’s best to limit yoga without breathing practice, swimming and aqua aerobics.


Before choosing a sport, it’s best to consult a gynecologist who is pregnant. Only he can know what the restrictions on loads are in person and you warn you from them, recommended an alternative sport.

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