Connection Between Weight Gain And Leptin Resistance

Connection Between Weight Gain and Leptin Resistance

Why after weight loss and training your weight return?

Strict diets quickly help lose weight, but you immediately gain extra pounds if you stop starving. The reason may be leptin resistance

Rapid weight loss in the body decreases the level of the hormone leptin. It produces adipocytes – fat cells and signals the brain about saturation.

What is leptin resistance?

The hormone leptin is responsible for several processes in the human body: it regulates ovarian function in women and spermatogenesis in men. But for those who lose weight, it is important to know that leptin “dictates” the body how to behave in times of hunger. And strict diets and dietary restrictions are starvation and stress for the body.

Leptin produces fat cells (adipocytes). And also sends a signal of saturation to the hypothalamus, part of the brain. It in turn controls the number of calories consumed and expended and fat accumulated in the body.

Thus, constant overeating and unhealthy eating lead to leptin resistance, which in turn leads to overweight and obesity.

What does it mean?

If a person constantly violates the ratio of costs and calorie replenishment, then fat cells begin to grow too quickly. Leptin is produced in proportion to its size. And if you start to limit yourself even more in food, starve, the brain perceives this condition like hunger, forcing fat cells to produce even more leptin and save energy (eat more and move less).

This condition is called leptin resistance, and it can develop long before the increase in insulin levels and the development of resistance to it. That is, a person lives with this problem and does not suspect, trying to lose weight and not getting results.

That is, with existing problems you can not lose weight sharply?

It is not recommended to lose weight sharply at all. In the case of leptin resistance with fat loss, leptin levels are reduced even more. As a result, the brain receives a signal that it needs to replenish lost supplies and eat even more.

Therefore, rapid weight loss with strict diets leads to the fact that the weight returns in even greater quantities, you just need to stop starving.

How do you know that you have leptin resistance?

The following symptoms will “tell” about problems with leptin:

  • constantly want to eat;
  • you constantly want to eat salty, sweet, chips, snacks, and other garbage food;
  • regular exercise and switching to proper nutrition do not help;
  • the feeling of satiety comes too late;
  • after complete rest and sleep, the feeling of fatigue does not pass;
  • analysis for thyroid hormones is normal, but you have apathy, lethargy, decreased immunity, frequent colds.

How to return leptin to normal and lose weight?

To overcome leptin resistance, you have to change your lifestyle and diet. It is necessary to avoid semi-finished products, finished products (sausages, food with a high degree of processing, etc.), to exclude sugar and all its substitutes.

It is also important to limit gluten, sweet fruits, and fiber (soluble) in the diet, on the contrary, should increase. Eat protein foods daily: (80-100 g of protein per day); necessarily sea fish, olive oil, avocado, and other useful food.

Also exercise more, and regularly: about 10 thousand steps a day.

It is necessary to establish a sleep regime: It is necessary to fall asleep till 11 pm that melatonin was made in the necessary quantity. Low melatonin levels are connected with obesity.

Note: visit an endocrinologist, because you need to determine whether vitamin D is the normal level. As well as the HOMA index – the ratio of sugar to insulin. Without bringing these indicators to cope with the situation will not work.

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