How to Stop Being Nervous All the Time

How to Stop Being Nervous All the TimeMany people are constantly in a state of anxiety and, as soon as the next problem is solved, they begin to worry about something else. And so, year after year, they succumb to this bad habit, which takes away strength and deprives the joy of life. If you know for yourself such a property and want to become happier, I will try to help you.

Solve problems as they arise
Do not worry about either the past or the future! Think about today, decide only what is needed at this moment. And this does not mean that you do not care about the future. Quite the opposite: if today’s day is as good as possible, it will be the key to a good future.

Every morning, tell yourself that today you will do everything to make the most of this day, because you can only live it once! Do not poison your life with experiences about the past that can not be changed, and do not waste time in empty dreams about the future, be happy today, right now!

Think about what can happen in the worst case
If you are worried about a situation, think about it, and what can happen in the worst case scenario? Is it so terrible and is it worth worrying about? Prepare to calmly take any consequences and look for ways to improve the situation.

Define clear goals
It’s not at all superfluous to know exactly what you want from life. Then there will be much less cause for concern – after all, aimless existence excludes mental equilibrium.

Learn how to effectively solve problems
To begin, write down everything that bothers you, and prioritize. Then, opposite each problem, write down what you can do, plan when you do this, or start solving the problem immediately. All the cases put in the diary and delete them as soon as you finish – this will save you from the anxiety caused by the confusion and fear of the mountain of affairs, which in fact is always not so terrible!

Take yourself on an interesting job
If you are used to constantly worry about trifles, try to do something interesting. You need to take every minute, so there’s no time to think about anything else – read, dance, take pictures, play games! By focusing on one thing, you can not worry about any nonsense.

Let’s properly assess things and situations
Most people pay too much for many things. What you think is valuable and important now, for sure will depreciate over time – so is it worth breaking a spear and making a scandal? Stop and think, is not it too high the price that you pay?

Get Rid of Guilt
If you think that you do not have to worry about anything – it means being a soulless egoist, then you are mistaken! Your experiences can lead to neurosis and stomach ulcers, but no one can help. Do not confuse experience and compassion, the first – the generation of fear, the second – of love. Compassion means transferring the situation to yourself and striving to help the victim in accordance with your experience, and not exhaust yourself with empty experiences. So if you can not help, stop wasting your nerves. And do not take responsibility for the actions of others – they are adults themselves and must make decisions.

Do not make yourself a problem
Often, in anticipation of an event, we begin to lose it in the mind, present the worst and get frustrated. Ask yourself: what is the probability that this will happen in reality? Relax – what will be, it will, and if you can not change the future event in any way, stop worrying about it. For example, you passed the exam and, nervous, waiting for the result. But you already did everything you could to get high marks, and experiences will not change anything.

Get rid of fear
Are you afraid that you will be fired, that the wife (husband) will change you, that the children will not live up to their expectations, that you will grow fat, grow thin, grow old? .. Stop it! You can always find another job, not all husbands and wives change – especially if you both try to save the family. Almost always you can lose weight and grow fat back, there would be a desire! And all grow old, nothing can be done about it! Well, are not you afraid anymore?

Agree with your own imperfections
If you do not like yourself and constantly because of this experience, you need to urgently change your attitude to yourself! Self-love is the basis of mental equilibrium. You must love yourself no matter how you look, and high expectations will not lead to anything good. Nobody is perfect, beautiful models on the covers of magazines in life look quite different! So love yourself with all your weight, height, freckles and so on.

Do not worry about the opinions of others
Are you often tormented by thoughts about what other people think? Believe me, they have enough of their own affairs to think about you yet! So do what you want – within reason, of course, and do not worry about someone else’s opinion. Also it does not hurt to increase self-esteem – there are many articles and books on this topic. And then you will not get rattled by a rude word or a sidelong glance of another person.

Understand that no one is bound to meet your expectations
Do you often get angry with your loved ones because they are not what you want? But you also have flaws. Stop harassing those around you with petty cavils, accept them as they are, because an adult can not be changed if he does not want to change!

Balance your work and pleasure
If you just want to have fun, then the job will only irritate you – it takes a precious time, which could be spent on entertainment. In this case, you need to realize the need to earn money and begin to enjoy the process. If this is not possible, look for another job. Remember – unloved work shortens life for 8 hours a day!

Stop hurrying!
There are people who try to do everything as quickly as possible. They have everything according to plan, every minute is painted – and this is a constant source of stress! After all, absolutely every little thing can get in the way and cause irritation: an unexpected phone call, a sudden turn off of light, a broken plate. Stop and enjoy peace and this very minute, which you were going to mindlessly spend in pursuit of speed. Constantly in a hurry, you can be late to do the most important thing – to enjoy life.

Stop worrying for any reason at once will not work, but if you try to revise your life values, then gradually become a more calm and happy person. Start with the realization of what is stopping you, and every time you are annoyed, ask yourself: “Because of what is this happening?”. And so, day after day, you will become a more harmonious person.

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